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Hello everyone and welcome to my website. My name is Ayesha Powell and I offer sessions of Conscious Connected Breathwork, a therapeutic modality rooted both in ancient yogic breathing practices as well as those increasingly validated by scientific research. We can go without food and water for a certain period of time but not without breath. It is fundamental to life. If the breath isn't right, all systems within the physical body and our mental and emotional health are adversely affected.This can lead to anxiety, depression, emotional 'blocks' and negative self-beliefs that hold us back. Within these sessions, the breath will safely take you through a deeply detoxifying and also energising experience, clearing away old stagnant patterns, leaving you revitalised and in touch with your creativity, inner calm, peace and a deep sense of wellbeing. 


 Working as a journalist in a hectic and often pressured environment for over 15 years in the Middle East and Asia, I eventually fell so ill I had to be carried away on a stretcher to hospital with breathing difficulties! I  always had a weakness in the lungs and this led to my quest to strengthen them and find  therapeutic modalities that helped. The breath is such an instinctual and primal part of our being and physiology, it seemed like the most natural area to investigate. My interest in Sufism and Islam inspired me to link the breath to all aspects of life: '... Made (mankind) complete and breathed into (it) the Ruh (soul, spirit, breath, that which brings ease)...32:9 Quran.My three beautiful daughters were all born at home and once again the breath saw me through those exhilarating and intense times. I found a teacher and trained and gained experience seeing clients for over 10 years using conscious connected breathwork techniques.It's the nature of the breath, like the element of wind, to spread seeds of creativity, so I rediscovered my love for books, music and art during this period. The breath also unveils hidden and lost aspects of the psyche and this led me to do a bit of 'soul mining' and gain a deeper understanding of myself and others--patterns, habits, default defence mechanisms that we all acquire through life. I added psychotherapy to my training and qualified as a psychotherapist.The breath has taught me that we are all connected to each other, that we are part of nature. I live as close to nature as I can and respect,honour and love all of creation and feel deeply privileged to be able to serve.

I'm a fully trained, fully insured, Conscious Connected Breathwork practitioner and member of the British Rebirth Society ( with over 10 years of experience working with clients from all walks of life.I'm also a holistic, non-dual counsellor and see people as both a human being navigating through life's ups and downs, and a divine consciousness that is joyous, peaceful and integrated presence--we can call it unconditional love.   Each session is different in quality and length but some can last for two hours+, so please set aside enough time. Wear loose, comfy clothing and simply breathe a series of circular, energising breaths with me! The breath unearths long-held negative core beliefs and releases them. Some challenging issues in the form of strong emotions, memories and physical symptoms may arise during the sessions but I will keep you safe. You are in charge at all times and fully conscious (albeit in a heightened state of awareness!). All personal details are kept secure and confidential. Sessions cost £100. One hour taster sessions are also available on request for £40. Please note: all payments must be made in advance by bank transfer or cash, if preferred, on the day. I will provide bank details once the booking is confirmed. I need to know at least 48 hours before any cancellation is made. Thank you. 

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While the world grapples with the anxiety and uncertainty that the coronavirus has brought with it, I too,  am caught in a dilemma: I know that social distancing is the optimum way to contain the infection. But I also know that breathwork is one of the best ways to balance anxiety, centre oneself and boost the body's natural immune system.So I'm offering hour-long breathwork sessions via Skype (or Zoom). These will not involve the in-depth process of full sessions but will nonetheless rejuvenate and refresh the body and the mind, helping to bring balance and clarity in these challenging times. It's still a powerful but gently guided practice.* Cost per session:£50. Payments to be made prior to appointment via bank transfer.Email or contact me via the form on the website.Sessions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.*This form of Breathwork may not be suitable for people with underlying medical conditions, such as high blood pressure. I reserve the right to assess each client's eligibility and a confidential questionnaire will need to be filled out.



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