• Ayesha Powell

Breathwork Buzz

Breathwork is the new buzzword. Call it 'conscious connected breath', 'conscious breath', 'rebirthing'--whatever. It's all the rage. Featured every other day online, on social media and increasingly in the mainstream press.

I'm really thrilled about this. Not because I believe I'm a 'breath guru', even though I've practised it for over 10 years. Nor because of a certain schaadenfreude (a smug 'I told you so' is resounding in my head, I must admit). But I'm really happy that this ancient healing method is finally gaining the exposure and credibility it deserves.

The solution to our neuroses and traumas is right under our noses, literally.

Inhaling and exhaling. That's all it takes to clear years of emotional baggage, low-self worth and negative core beliefs that trap us into lifelong cycles of misery and suffering. We don't need to binge on food, sex, drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Or engage in lengthy therapy sessions (although I'm not knocking counselling). It's as simple as breathing in and out.

But it needs commitment and intent, and it requires working through and with the process. It needs trust that the wisdom of the body will lead us to balance if we allow it.

If we do this the breath liberates us and restores vitality, creativity, a sense of adventure and wonder within us again. Who wouldn't wish for that?

So, even if this is simply a passing trend or fad, I'm really excited that breathwork is being taken seriously at last and is now firmly in people's awareness as a truly powerful and effective healing modality.

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